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Featured SMNRs

My Metamorphosis // An Art Project by BenceCsalar

28th Sep 2015

Csalár Bence divatújságíró és blogger a 2014­-es „New Wave” anyag után idén is készített egy különleges fotósorozatot csapatával, amely egyúttal a bloghoz köthető ( első art projekt. Céljuk egy olyan vizuális élmény létrehozása volt, amely ugyan kortárs divattervezők munkáit vonultatja fel, mégis időtálló és egyben merész, látványos. Így született meg a „My Metamorphosis”. A projekt Bence személyes belső átalakulását követi nyomon, amelyet teste külső jegyein reprezentálva örökítettek meg. Az „Én metamorfózisom” nem a tökéletességet és a szépséget hajszolja, hanem egyszerre mocskos, sötét és egyúttal végtelenül őszinte, kegyetlen és néhol ijesztő.

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Hexa celebrates launch of new dive watch model with “Dive for the Osprey” Contest
 and introductory pricing

9th Sep 2015

Along with special $250-off pricing, Hexa is offering a chance to follow the adventure to find sunken treasure. The new Hexa Osprey crashed to the bottom of the ocean. Locate the watch and you could win the diving adventure to get it. Follow the story on the Dive For The Osprey website ( Decipher the hidden clues in each chapter. Then guess where in the world the Osprey could be by October 9.

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Hop Skip & Jump Announces New Brand Arrivals for Autumn/Winter 2015

8th Sep 2015

Exciting New Lines from Garvalin and Chipmunks Now Available From Britain’s Best

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21st Aug 2015

August 21, 2015 - Ft Lauderdale, Florida - Bronx, New York, Los Angeles, California
Ladies and Gentlemen and music fans around the world, We are excited and pleased to announce that Computa and Tony Orlando will officially release the new single ” KNOCK 3 TIMES ” on AUGUST 21, 2015.
There will also be a pre-order link for the iTunes download available.
Two of the hottest names in music today have teamed up to create a new sound ready to Knock you down..

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Dinamizmus és nőies darabok - AMNESIA 2015 ősz-tél

13th Aug 2015

Az AMNESIA őszi-téli kampányfotóin ismét a gyönyörű Görög Zita, és a márka már jól ismert, kedvenc modellje, a csodálatos Varga-Dobár Éva látható, a márka legfrissebb darabjaiban.

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Now on Kickstarter: Pale and Male iPhone app empowers everyday consumers to join the fight for Diversity, Equality of Opportunity and Fair Pay in the Workplace

29th Jul 2015

Boynton Beach, FL - July 29, 2015 - Pale and Male, a new app aimed at giving everyday consumers the ability to effectively advocate for improved diversity, equality and fairness in leading companies, will make its debut in the App Store in August 2015. The concept behind Pale and Male is based on the fact that although consumers are generally aware that there is a lack of diversity in leadership at most companies this information is not readily available to them in a format that will allow them to do comparison shopping. Pale and Male allows shoppers to use their…

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Ennis-Flint EMEA Expands Product Offering With New, Durable Preformed Thermoplastic Road Marking Material

27th Jul 2015

EF Series Preformed Thermoplastic helps maximize the life-cycle value of road marking programs with proven performance and efficient application process while enhancing safety for all road users.

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Dublin International Piano Festival and Summer Academy

16th Jul 2015

After two hugely successful Festivals, we are happy to announce that the capital city is now officially home to a festival that matches its status of musical excellence. Now in its third year, the Dublin International Piano Festival (DIPF) is set to be even more ambitious than before.
In conjunction with the phenomenally talented ‘core’ faculty, the DIPF each year invites unique & special guest artists: this year’s surprise is HJ Lim, a pianist of extraordinary imagination and vision; an artist who has won praise for “refreshing and rediscovering the pinnacles of the piano repertoire’, but above all as an…

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Expert Locksmith Henderson

6th Jul 2015

Address: 2 Nevada Way, Henderson, NV 89015
Email: [email protected]
Phone Number: (702) 761-3474
Welcome to Expert Locksmith Henderson we are servicing the Henderson area. We handle every type of locksmith job there is from unlocking cars to making car keys. We are a 100% mobile service meaning we come to your location and provide our services on the spot.  
Checkout our other page:

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Endorsing Online Shopping!!!

24th Jun 2015

I come from a family of shopaholics. All of us simply love shopping then it doesn’t matter if we are shopping for clothes, electronics or groceries until unless there’s some kind of retail therapy involved. We were the traditional shoppers who like to see and feel the thing before we buy but with just one online shopping experience we changed our ways completely.

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