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New parents are always looking out for ways in which they can meet their baby’s growing demands without putting a dent in their pockets.

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Indonesia - New parents are always looking out for ways in which they can meet their baby's growing demands without putting a dent in their pockets. At BB Mall, parents can find a wide variety of baby equipment, baby clothes, baby gear, baby furniture and much more at staggeringly reasonable rates, so that giving utmost care to their babies becomes a possibility.

BB Mall is an online shopping mall crated for parents who don't have the time to shop at brick and mortar stores and also want to access one web store where everything a baby might need is available at discounted rates. It is the top most one stop online shopping di Indonesia. “We love baby and this is why our toko perlengkapan bayi offers terbesar, susu botol, Zona Mami, Feeding Supplies, Daily Care, Strollers & Car Seat, Baju Bayi, Room bayi, Mainan Bayi, Kado Bayi”, says a proud team member.

At BB Mall, mothers can find over 3000 products, all created to make your child's first few years enjoyable. From baby gear like clothes, shoes and accessories to feeding supplies like milk bottles, nipples and sippers, BB Mall stocks all the top brands in Indonesia that manufacture baby products and offers them at surprisingly low rates. “We can offer our clients better pricing because we deal directly with manufacturers and convince them to offer us their products at rates lower than retail rates. This way, we can offer new parents better deals on strollers, baby furniture, baby gear, car seats and all the other things that tend to become very expensive when bought at retail rates”, says a team member at BB Mall.

They also offer a wide variety of baby toys  Perlengkapan Bayi  and baby gifts. For the convenience of shoppers, it is possible to view products like toys and baby clothing based on age and gender. This creates a much filtered approach, helping busy parents  baby mall  save time by viewing only products that are relevant to their shopping needs. They also offer baby's daily care products like toiletries, diapers, skin care products and basic healthcare products at very reasonable rates.

For more information on the latest discount deals and an enhanced experience of online shopping for your baby's needs, please visit

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10th January 2013

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