Children's Services Network annual conference: Transforming Services and Changing Lives

Date: 11 November 2009
Venue: BMA House, London, WC1

Transformation has been a major feature of children’s services for the best part of a decade. The tragic death of Baby Peter, combined with the certainty of a 10 per cent cut in public spending, will promote further changes. The next spending round can be viewed either as a funding crisis or an opportunity to fundamentally rethink our approach to children’s services.

Children’s services, local authorities and their partner organisations face significant challenges as we approach the new decade. Although most children thrive, many others live in misery — in families with low incomes, living in fear of bullying or violence, having poor mental health, or lacking access to training or education. Disaffection, isolation and early death are all too common.

The economic downturn will continue to be felt by families and communities for some time. In the run-up to a general election the future parameters of policy development are still far from clear.

So how can we respond and plan strategically to make a difference to the lives and outcomes for children and young people? This LGiU Children’s Services Network policy conference — Transforming services and changing lives — will provide a forum for national and local politicians and practitioners from here and abroad to debate how to make a positive difference to the lives of children and young people.

The debate will focus on two key areas of policy and practice, these being:

•Children’s social care, at a time when demand for services is increasing and the case for reform is being heavily pressed.
•Education. The main political parties have all set out new visions for the future of schools and the role of the education system in forming the adults of tomorrow.
A stimulating mix of workshops will consider other aspects of improving children and young people’s lives.

Core Facts

  1. Speakers: Eilen Bengtsson, Pedagogical Inspection Consultant from the Danish Department for Children and Prevention. Dawn Primarolo MP, invited Tim Loughton MP, Shadow Minister for Children John Couglan, Director of Children's Services, Hampshire County Council (Chair) Wes Cuell, Director of Services for Children and Young People, NSPCC Cllr James Kempton, LB Islington and former Chair of Children and Families Committee, London Councils Colin Green, Director of Children’s Services Coventry and Chair of Children and Families ADCS committee

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Company information

The LGiU is the largest, most influential think-tank

and representative body operating in the space between Town Hall,

Whitehall, Westminster and communities.

Now in its 26th year, the LGiU continues to make a significant

impact on the public policy scene. In 2008 the LGiU was awarded

the Public Affairs News Award for think-tank of the year.

Our mission is to strengthen local democracy. Four policy centres

— Service Transformation; Local Sustainability; Local Democracy;

and Children’s Services — ensure that the LGiU’s focus is on how

councils and partners can deliver positive results and genuine

impact for empowered communities.

The LGiU works with a network of around 40,000 councillors and

officers from the councils who access our services. And it is these

member councils that guide and shape our work, so that we can

best respond to the real priorities of local government and elected


16th October 2009

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