Chilli expert wins Fortnum & Mason contract

Chawston-Based specialist chilli growers, Edible Ornamentals have added internationally renowned food store Fortnum & Mason to their impressive portfolio of customers. The Piccadilly based store can now boast the freshest hand picked chillies in London.

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Edible Ornamental's Joanna Plumb grows over 40 different varieties of chillies at Cherwood Nursery, ranging from the mild Anaheim chilli to the eye watering Dorset Naga, acclaimed as one of the world’s hottest chillies.  Joanna will supply Fortnum & Mason with a range of chillies depending on what is in season and at the peak of perfection. This new contract reflects the growing trend amongst UK shoppers for fresh locally grown produce.

Joanna said: "We are absolutely delighted to win a contract with Fortnum & Mason. Like us, they have built their reputation on providing their discerning customers with the highest quality fresh produce available.  Fresh chillies have far more flavour than those that have spent several days being transported from overseas, and as they are locally grown, it means fuel savings on transport costs and a lower carbon footprint. Visitors to Fortnum’s food hall can be assured that within 24 hours of being picked at the nursery, our chillies will be on the shop floor."

For those interested in learning how to cook with chillies, Joanna held a chilli cooking demonstration in Fortnum & Mason First Floor Demonstration Kitchen.  Joanna cooked a variety of recipes using fresh chillies, including chilli soup, authentic chicken enchiladas and Jalapeno Poppers, which are Jalapenos stuffed with cream cheese and bacon and cooked to perfection.

Joanna has become renowned for her fresh chillies, chilli plants and her own range of gourmet chilli sauces, which can be purchased at Cherwood Nursery.  Joanna also supplies Waitrose and Morrisons stores as well as leading London restaurants. She was voted East Anglia’s Local Food Hero by Good Food Channel and has made a number of guest appearances on TV shows including ‘Ready Steady Cook’, ‘Economy Gastronomy’, Radio 2 and BBC 3 Counties radio.


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Edible Ornamentals is Bedfordshire’s leading producer of high quality chillies and a range of fresh vegetables that visitors can pick straight from the plant. As well as local farmer’s markets they also supply fresh chillies to London restaurants. Joanna’s special chilli sauces are available from the nursery and local Waitrose stores.

In 2009, Edible Ornamentals won the Best Effective Promotional Campaign category in the 2010 Conquest Business Awards, and was awarded the accolade of ‘Local Food Hero for east Anglia by Good Food Channel’s Market Kitchen.

In 2010, Edible Ornamentals also partnered with Virgin and offers special half day Chilli Experience days.

Edible Ornamentals have branched out and as well as fresh chillies, they also grow and sell a range of fresh vegetables, including tomatoes, aubergines, lettuce, Swiss chard, and sweet corn, which visitors can pick straight from the plant

Edible Ornamentals are members of Tastes of Bedfordshire

Edible Ornamentals have recently added internationally renowned food store Fortnum & Mason to their impressive portfolio of customers.

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26th July 2010

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Colin Caldicott



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