Cortus Announces uCLinux for the APS3 Family of Processors

Cortus is pleased to announce uCLinux for the APS3 family of processors. This version of Linux is ideally suited to low power, high performance, embedded systems. The APS3 family of processors are modern, powerful processors, specifically designed for embedded systems, featuring a tiny silicon footprint.

Core Facts

  1. The APS3 architecture is ideally suited for uCLinux. The clean, uniform, architecture means that the ported kernel code is straightforward, easily implemented and understood. There are no hidden pitfalls due to inconsistencies in the architecture which could reduce performance or trip up unwary programmers. Developing application programs is uncomplicated and creating drivers for new peripherals and hardware is simple.


“We think that this must be the smallest ever CPU core running Linux. We are delighted to be able to offer a cost effective solution to our customers who require the power of the Linux operating system for their sophisticated applications. Using our core gains silicon space and power consumption and now with more operating system choices, our processor cores are a perfect fit with operating systems and this port allows our customers to provide a high quality, simple to use, solution to their customers.”

Mike Chapman, CEO of Cortus,

Company information

Advanced processing solutions for embedded systems. Cortus designs and licenses innovative highly efficient 32-bit processor cores and IP around these processor cores

23rd February 2010

Main Press Contact

Nicky Denovan

Cortus S.A

David Kerr-Munslow

Cortus S.A

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