Android users will now have Department of Motor Vehicles (DMV) information and services at their fingertips with a new DMV Android application called “DMV NOW .” 

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The DMV created an application that will allow Android users the ability to find a local office with its actual wait time and provide turn-by-turn directions based on the GPS location of the Android Smartphone, take sample written driving tests, access a large library of DMV driver education videos and access other important DMV alerts. 

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  1. In February 2010, the department launched the very first DMV application for the iPhone, which to date has logged more than 70,000 downloads. The Android application has many of the same features, however, the new Android application contains expanded access to DMV Social media alerts such as Facebook, Wordpress and Twitter.

  2. To promote safe driving, the DMV has added new feature of the Android Application called "Safe Chat." Users will be able to set an option that will auto reply to incoming text messages while they are driving. The user can customize a short response of their choice, also the users can set the text to speech option to hear incoming text messages.

  3. The new Android DMV application is free and can be downloaded from the Android Market.



“This new application leverages technology to implement better communication services for our customers,” said DMV Director George Valverde. “The Android app is the latest in diverse mobile platforms.”

Department of Motor Vehicles Director, George Valverde

Company information

Don't Stand In Line, Go Online! Doing business with the DMV has never been easier. The DMV offers an array of services to customers 24 hours a day, 7 days a week through its Website including online advance appointments for written and drive tests; vehicle registration and driver license renewals, selection of personalized license plates, changes of address and payment of fees via secure debit transactions. Customers can also effect transactions by calling DMV customer service at (800) 777–0133. DMV is a department under the California State Transportation Agency (CalSTA).

23rd March 2011

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Office of Public Affairs, DMV



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