During Recessions Companies Will Need All Possible Leads At The Least Cost

The current recession will decrease marketing spending, still companies to generate and acquire leads at the best cost which is from the website

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London, 6 January 2012 – During this recession, Engago Technologies solves the challenge of getting leads at the lowest cost by revealing the companies visiting the website and identifying their interest.During recessions the marketing spending will be lowered which results into less leads generated. Then it becomes a vicious circle as less leads will bring less sales.In order to counter this death spiral Engago Technologies proposes to use the web service LEADSExplorer, which reveals the companies visiting, their interest in the products and the level of interest (scoring).Thanks to the scoring lead qualification can easily be achieved.Using the interest in products indicated by the search terms used and the pages visited ales and marketing can address the leads more effectively with personalized and timely messages matching their interest.

In order to increase online conversion, the web service LEADSExplorer was developed for:- Revealing the companies visiting the website- Indicating the location and language- Identifying their interest in products or services- Showing the level of interest by company- Allowing to monitor the increase or decrease of interest over time in relation to the nurturing- Finding contacts within the interested companies- Re-targeting by email with a suiting message based upon their interest.Using this web service your business success is not left to the coincidence of the visitor, but to the continuing marketing efforts after the website visit.

For more information on LEADSExplorer please visit www.LEADSExplorer.com About Engago Technologies Ltd.Engago Technologies is a leading provider of on demand lead generation, visitor conversion and customer retention by delivering actionable information for businessmen to drive new business, increase revenue for all industries.Engago Technologies Ltd. is a privately held company headquartered nearby London, UK and was winner Red Herring 100 Europe in 2008.

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  1. Increase website lead generation. Recession restricts marketing budgets. Maximize lead generation at minimum cost.



5th January 2012

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