EUREKA IPC Resolution commits growth in market-oriented R&D projects

Parliamentarians from 20 countries gather to ‘foster a culture of innovation’.

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Jerusalem  31 May 2011 - Parliamentarians from across the EUREKA network countries gathered at the Knesset (parliament) today for the 17th EUREKA Inter-Parliamentary Conference. They adopted a resolution which commits to growth in market-oriented R&D projects and to ‘fostering a culture of innovation’. The conference, chaired by Knesset Science and Technology Committee head Meir Sheetrit, in the presence of US-Israeli Nobel Prize laureate Robert Aumann, adopted the resolution unanimously, setting five key goals, including expansion of EUREKA’s services to support through all phases of the value chain and becoming an investment promotion centre to interact with public and private financial stakeholders. In response to these goals, Dr Eli Opper, current EUREKA Chairman, said that the global economy was changing quickly and that EUREKA must adapt accordingly. You can read the full article about the EUREKA IPC Conference in the Jerusalem post

1st June 2011

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