Golley Slater and SearchIgnite boost digital media ROI for Center Parcs

Companies release report supporting investment in cross-channel measurement & attribution modeling to turbocharge digital media performance

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London, UK – June 15, 2010 – SearchIgnite, a provider of search optimisation and media attribution solutions, and Golley Slater, an integrated agency specialising in digital transformation, today released a comprehensive cross-channel measurement and attribution report. The report outlines Golley Slater’s and SearchIgnite’s five step process for analysing and attributing digital media to maximize ROI and includes a case study showcasing how the methodology successfully increased ROI by 54% for leading UK travel marketer, Center Parcs.

Like most online marketers, Center Parcs historically gave all credit for their online leads and sales to the last media channel that a customer was exposed to prior to converting, an approach known as “last click attribution.” This approach made it difficult for the company to gather an accurate picture of their real ROI and each digital channel’s contribution to the marketing funnel.

Following an extensive search for a marketing technology partner to help them overcome this challenge, Golley Slater and Center Parcs selected SearchIgnite because of the platform’s ability to attribute performance across digital channels including PPC, SEO, display, email and affiliate, as well its proven media optimisation capabilities.

Golley Slater, Center Parcs and SearchIgnite worked together to outline a five step process for performing effective attribution analysis, which includes tracking actions and interactions across channels, determining channel priortisation and optimising spend based on insights gleaned during cross-channel measurement.

With this attribution methodology and SearchIgnite’s technology, Golley Slater was able to determine the optimal spend for each media channel in order to improve ROI. As a result, Center Parcs saw significant year-over-year improvements:

- 54% increase in ROI

- 43% increase in overall revenue

- 28% increase in bookings

The full report outlining this 5 step process and case study can be downloaded at: http://bit.ly/betterattribution

Core Facts

  1. SearchIgnite and Golley Slater deliver massive ROI on digital media spend for Center Parcs

  2. Online measurement and click attribution delivers efficiencies across all marketing channels including PPC, SEO, display, email and affiliate

  3. Center Parcs campaign achieves 54% return on investment, 43% increase in overall revenue, 28% increase in online bookings

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The need for more accountable and effective cross-channel measurement has been an oft discussed topic, but in reality marketers are challenged by a lack of knowledge on how to properly implement these strategies and frequently rely on technologies that can’t meet their measurement and attribution needs. The goal of this report is to highlight how this five step approach to effective attribution, along with the right technology partner, can drive significant improvements in ROI and revenue.

Roger Barnette, CEO of SearchIgnite

Giving our clients real insights into their consumers’ journeys has always been the most difficult area for online. SearchIgnite’s platform not only provides these learnings, but also allows our team to react on the fly and apply real-time business rules based on this knowledge that significantly improves our clients’ media performance.

Mark Fagan, digital media director at Golley Slater

Cross media management enables us to more accurately review the performance of all our online channels and their interactions, from PPC, SEO, display click and display view through to email. And, more importantly, it allows us to target budget to achieve the greatest return on investment for our marketing spend and our business.

Colin Whaley, sales & marketing director for Center Parcs UK

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