HERO WATER, LLC Announces Official Launch of HEROEC H2O Debuts on Election Day - November 6, 2012

HEROEC H2O is essential hydration, invigorating energy and refreshingly smooth. Made with Electrolytes, Caffeine and Purified Water.

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Atlanta, GA - November 5, 2012 - HERO WATER LLC, an Atlanta-based beverage company, today announced the launch of their newest product line of enhanced waters, HEROEC H2O. Offered in 3 exciting flavors, Natural, Strawberry and Blue Raspberry, each 16.9 oz. bottle of HEROEC H2O contains purified water infused with electrolytes, 60mg of natural caffeine and natural berry essence.

Created to fill a void in the marketplace for a healthy alternative to coffee, soda and energy drinks, HEROEC H2O is intended to hydrate, empower and revitalize the everyday hero within you. Early pre-market taste-testing in Atlanta, GA has been extremely well-received.

“Consumers understand the benefits of electrolytes and caffeine and I wanted to develop a healthy, great tasting, all-natural beverage to hydrate and revitalize our everyday heroes,” said Ashwin Patel, Founder & CEO of HERO WATER, LLC. “HEROEC H2O will appeal to on-the-go moms, law enforcement and military personnel, teachers, health professionals and all of our everyday hardworking heroes needing energy and hydration, in a zero-calorie, zero-sugar all-natural beverage.”

More information on HEROEC H2O can be found on their new website: HEROECH2O.com - and on their Facebook page: Facebook.com/HEROECH2O


HERO WATER LLC was founded in 2012 and is headquartered in Atlanta, GA. HEROEC H2O is the first product created by their beverage division. HEROEC H2O will be available in select convenient and grocery stores throughout the southeast. In addition, online purchases can be made at HEROECH2O.com and the nationally known niche beverage website, ThirstMonger.com

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  1. Contact:
    Ashwin Patel
    3577 A Chamblee Tucker Road
    Suite 1000
    Atlanta, GA 30341
    1-855-HEROSOS (437-6767)
    [email protected]

30th November 2012

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