Beginning on Friday, October 8, 2010, Kitchener residents and visitors will notice something new and different at the intersection of King Street East and Benton Street.  That is when Mississauga based “beamvertising” company LuminAd will begin nightly dynamic projection to create 48 squared meters of virtual entertainment space where there was once a blank wall.

Programming will run nightly from October 8, 2010 to November 21, 2010.  Kitchener and area content producers are encouraged to contact LuminAd about potential opportunities to share their work

More Information

LuminAd worked with Kitchener and area businesses to create entertaining custom animations, starting from still images. The key theme was local.  Smith kept three objectives top of mind when producing programming: promote the city of Kitchener, promote area businesses and support local non-profit initiatives. 

Core Facts

  1. LuminAd uses exclusive dynamic projection technology to beam fluid images, custom animations, and videos on virtually any outdoor space.

  2. LuminAd specializes in beamvertising and tridimentional projection

  3. Tridementional projection is the art of mapping three-dimensional points to a two-dimensional plane

  4. Beamvertising is the projection of advertising onto outdoor surfaces

  5. Together with Lumina Motion, LuminAd is a leader in dynamic projection

  6. LuminAd's dynamic projection technology is environmentally friendly




“This is not a static billboard advertisement. LuminAd will create an engaging Oktoberfest community resource for residents and revelers alike, presenting a mix of entertainment programming and information about local businesses, attractions and events in a visually dynamic way” says LuminAd Managing Director Elif Smith.

Elif Smith, LuminAd Managing Director

Company information

LuminAd are pioneers in TargetCasting – presenting socially and environmentally responsible messages and calls to action to audiences in an emotionally rich, multi-media visual display with the lowest possible environmental impact.  LuminAd content development partner, Lumina Motion, is the world leader in creating content specific to this medium of advertising, and together they are pioneering leaders in the beamvertising and tridimentional arenas.

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