Money-saving maths teacher goes online to solve budget bust-ups

An innovative maths teacher has taken to the web with four short films for the Training and Development Agency for Schools (TDA) to explain how to solve modern maths conundrums, while showing the exciting reality of modern maths teaching.

Matt Parker has devised a set of calculations that he hopes will ease some of the dilemmas of modern life, and save people money into the bargain. The TDA is using the films to encourage more of the right kinds of people to consider teaching maths.

Core Facts

  1. Over a third of people surveyed (38 per cent) said that they have had rows with friends over paying a bill in a restaurant, while more than a quarter (28 per cent) say that they have argued over household bills.

  2. Over half of those surveyed (51 per cent) said they found it difficult to manage their money when they first moved out of home.

  3. The videos cover: Dude, where’s my petrol money? Matt helps you divide the costs of road trips fairly Skills for bills: Matt comes up with a solution for the age-old restaurant bill dilemma Flat rates for flat mates: helps you divide rent in a more equitable way Plane facts: Matt helps you weigh up the odds of budget Vs traditional airlines


Relevant Files

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  • PDF File   Name: Flat-rates-for-flat-mates.pdf, Size: No Filesize bytes, Download

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“As well as helping people avoid social friction, these videos show what us maths teachers get up to in classroom. A good maths teacher brings the real world into the school and shows class 9G how to use numbers to make their lives easier.”

Matt Parker says:

“The huge rise in people wanting to become teachers is well documented. The job now is to get the very best into our classrooms. We are determined to make the most of this ‘golden generation’. If you think you could make maths as relevant to real life as Matt does, then you should really think about becoming a teacher. The training is world-class.”

Graham Holley, Chief Executive at the TDA says:

26th October 2009

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