Myths and Facts Of Skin cancer

Over exposure to the sun can have damaging effects on the skin and can accelerate aging of the skin too. But what are the facts of skin cancer and how can we protect ourselves.

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Over exposure to the sun can have damaging effects on the skin and can accelerate aging of the skin too. But what are the facts of skin cancer and how can we protect ourselves.

Although we may not hear of skin cancer s often, the fact is thousands of people world wide lose their lives to this disease and it is indeed dangerous. 

Many people confuse skin tanning products as protective too. Skin care products like self-tanners do nothing more than stain the skin's top layer a deep brown color. A German study in fact shows that self tanner may even increase sun damages you expose your skin an hour or so after application. Sun screen products are different from self tanning products and should be used even if you use self tan lotions. 

So the next question is the tanning bed safer than the sun, well a tanning bed produces ultraviolet rays just like the sun. It could be just as dangerous as its rays are not being filtered by the ozone layer. 

So the experts say that skin cancer can affect anyone, regardless of sun exposure, However it is more prevalent among those who are more outdoors and under the sun’s rays. 

So the motto is wear sunscreen always, even in colder climes there is still the effects of the sun and you should protect you skin. Of course a little bit of sun is good for you for the vitamin D, you do need to control how much exposure you really allow. Up to half an hour is good should you happen to be with our sun screen to top up the D vitamin.

Many beauty products and supplements for the sun contain natural defences, like Beta Carotene to help boost your skin’s protection against the sun. You may love the bronzed look but if you want younger looking skin for longer then limit your exposure to the sun. 

Herbal remedies or supplements also contain antioxidants that help fight free radicals and may help protect the skin as internal remedies. Although skin cancer is one of the less common cancers, it’s worth protecting yourself. These days many of us try to live a healthy lifestyle and look after our health and nutrition which is a good thing. It gives the body ammunition to fight disease, the higher and stronger your immune system the better chance you have experts say of warding off disease. Super-foods and greens have become part of the norm for many people’s diets. Antioxidants rich fruits and vegetables have had much publicity and this has led to greater awareness of their health benefits. 

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31st March 2012

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