Producing Photo Books In The UK Is Now Easier Than Ever

Creating so much more of an impact, whilst photo books which usually contain images of film stars, pop singers, football teams or the work of a certain photographer can, instead, be personalised photo books.

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The images used to build a book around will vary from person to person. For some they will be family photographs, for others favourite holiday snapshots. It depends on you, and it depends on the person you’re making it for, and this uniting of your two personalities is what making your own gifts is all about.

When you’re doing your shopping and desperately searching for suitable gifts, the chances are that someone on your list will end up receiving a photo book. The reasons for this are obvious – they’re luxury, high end products produced to the best possible standard and featuring images printed to perfection on thick glossy pages. As such they make excellent gifts, but imagine how much better they’d be if they were made with the same care and attention but featured the kind of favourite personal photographs you’d put into your own photo album.

The good news is that you don’t have to just imagine this state of affairs. Whereas, once, photographs could only be printed one copy at a time and then, at best, stuck down onto the pages of a scrapbook, the possibilities offered by more modern digital photography are virtually boundless. Canvas prints are the best kind of personalised gifts, because they combine the individuality of a handmade, self-produced gift with the quality of something which would cost a lot more money to buy from the shops.Cards, for example, can become personalised cards, featuring images from your own family life, and therefore creating so much more of an impact, whilst photo books which usually contain images of film stars, pop singers, football teams or the work of a certain photographer can, instead, be personalised photo books.

Putting together a book of your own photographs would once have been considered impossible for any ‘ordinary’ person. Surely you need to have access to the very best photography equipment, experience of graphic design and the kind of printing equipment which costs many thousands of pounds? Well, not any more you don’t. The quality of images produced by even a fairly inexpensive digital camera is such that they don’t look out of place between the covers of a bespoke book, and the process of turning images into a book is simplicity itself. The first step that has to be made is choosing which images you wish to feature in your book. Putting together a gift for somebody means that you’ll want to collect pictures which are meaningful to them. Perhaps a couple who’ve been together for many years would like a book chronicling their life together, from courting days, through wedding snaps to candid shots of them relaxing together. Alternatively, you may want to present proud new parents with a volume which chronicles the first year of their baby’s life. The choices are as varied as the personalities of the people involved, but in each case, the process of putting together a book which precisely meets your needs is equally simple.

Having chosen your photographs, you just have to upload them to the website and then make use of the software provided. No experience is required, with either computers or graphic design, since you’ll be taken through the process step by step, choosing options such as the number of pages, the size and shape of the book, and what the cover is like – whether it’s soft or hard, full colour or luxury leather. At each point, the choice is yours, from the layout of the pages to any text included. By the time you’ve finished you’ll be the proud owner of a book which is produced to the kind of standard normally reserved for those on sale in book shops, but which features images which you know for a fact will be close to the heart of the person you’re giving it to.

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Bonusprint is one of the leading digital photo printing company that provides wide range of photo gifts like greeting cards, canvas prints, photo calendars, acrylic prints, photo books and many more.

It is part of the Albumprinter Group. Albumprinter’s consumer brand Albelli is active in The Netherlands, Belgium, UK, France, Germany, Italy and Spain.

Albumprinter has its own production facility in the Netherlands where production takes place for the entire European market.

13th January 2012

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