Stunning Results from Natural Wood Flooring Products at UK Flooring Direct

UK Flooring Direct has risen as one of the finest suppliers of premium flooring products.  

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(United Kingdom – 29th September 2011) UK Flooring Direct has risen as one of the finest suppliers of premium flooring products.  With 25 years experience, the company are able to offer their customers extremely competitive prices for quality products like carpets and natural wood floors.

Thanks to the contacts that the company have with many flooring distributors, UK Flooring Direct can provide customers with great value for money.  This month customers have also been blessed with an Autumn Madness Sale cutting prices even further.

With the winter nights drawing in, homeowners are preparing for another cold season.  Home decoration seems to be playing a large part in the preparations with cosy interiors being created.  Natural wood flooring is one product which has proven popular amongst customers in recent months as it provides a characterful and attractive finish with a homely feel.

The beauty of natural wood flooring is that it not only offers an impressive surface but it is also durable and reliable.  The selection available at UK Flooring Direct is wide and varied giving customers choices in ash, oak, cherry, beech, walnut, maple and many more with the option of distinctive markings to give it that extra edge over even the best artificial flooring products.

There are 80 varieties to choose from as well as an array of adhesives and underlays to ensure that the flooring is fitted correctly.  Each is designed especially for natural wood floors an can ensure that it lasts a lifetime.

Visit the site now and take advantage of the autumn sale which is now on for even cheaper prices.


29th September 2011

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