The Value of Higher Education - David Lammy speech

Higher Education Minister David Lammy argues the importance of a liberal arts education, not only to Britain’s economy, but to British culture and identity.

He delivered the speech at the “Value of Higher Education” event at the Royal Society of Arts (RSA) on 24 June 2009.

Core Facts

  1. A degree should not just be a passport to a job - but a gateway to a different life and to new perspectives on the world

  2. The higher education sector needs to be smarter in how it spreads the cultural and intellectual riches of universities to wider society, something museums and galleries have been doing for some years already.

  3. The creative industries make an increasingly important contribution to the UK economy. In 2006 they generated £16 billion in export earnings, or more than 4% of the UK's total exports.

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We must be clear that the jobs of the future won’t be created without the skills of arts and social science graduates as well as those of scientists and engineers. However, in my view a degree shouldn’t just be a passport to a job. It should also be the gateway to a different kind of life and to new perspectives on the world around us.

Higher Education Minister David Lammy

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To compete in a global economy and create the jobs of the future, Britain requires a regulatory environment that encourages enterprise, skilled people, innovation, and world-class science and research.

The merger of BERR and DIUS brings together the parts of the government with key expertise in these areas.

24th June 2009

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