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The audio podcast “Cybergrrl Oh: Living a 2nd Life” about business, events and marketing in the virtual world Second Life is now recorded live inworld before a studio audience every Thursday morning at 11am PST. The taping is held on Corona Cay, home to the Ampitheater. (formerly SLPN) is a network of Second Life-based audio and video podcasts.

Core Facts

  1. Cybergrrl Oh is the virtual alter ego of Web pioneer Aliza Sherman. Sherman, who has been providing strategic Internet consulting since 1992, is co-owner of Conversify, a social media marketing consultancy.

  2. The Cybergrrl Oh podcast covers issues about virtual worlds and Second Life that affect both personal and professional communications and interactions. Cybergrrl Oh's podcast is recorded live in front of a studio audience in Second Life.

  3. Upcoming guests include avatar Coughran Mayo who is a health professional using Second Life in his real-life work; Jenzza Misfit who is part of the Metanomics team producing a weekly business show in Second Life; and Nasus Dumart and Apple McKay, authors of "The Unofficial Guide to Building Your Business in Second Life." Past guests on the Cybergrrl Oh podcast include musician and artist Juel Resistance; Second Life journalist Nazz Lane; and Second Life disc jockey Doubledown Tandino.

Company information

Cybergrrl Oh: Living a 2nd Life is a podcast recorded live in Second Life and produced by and Cybergrrl Oh Productionson Corona Cay Island. Cybergrrl Oh is the virtual world avatar of Aliza Sherman, web pioneer and Internet book author.

25th October 2009

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