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NorCalBodz Photography / NCB Model Management named top 10 fitness photography / fitness model management company.

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We are extremely proud to announce NorCalBodz is ranked Top 10 for Fitness Photography / Fitness Model Management.  NorCalBodz feature's today's most elite fitness male models from around the World. NorCalBodz professionalism has lead this Company to become America's Top Fitness Photography / Model Management Company.

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Vision Statement:

We are committed to being an exceptional Co., by delivering elite fitness models and services important to our clients; and in doing so we enhance the image of NorCalBodz Photography / NCB Model Management.

Mission Statement:

NorCalBodz Photography / NCB Model Management Mission statement: There are thousands of aspiring Male Fitness Models living, training, and dreaming of being discovered in the USA. Unfortunately, the vast majority will have their dreams dashed because they are simply uninformed and misguided as how to start or build their fitness modeling career path. It is our passion,through the NorCalBodz Photography / NCB Model Management, to make their dreams a reality. @ NorCalBodz we're a "Team"!

Core Facts

  1. Proven Results Promoting NorCalBodz Fitness Models

  2. NorCalBodz collaborates with fitness magazines, underwear companies, promotional event coordinators, and producers (i.e., movie, music, etc.)

  3. World Renewed Fitness Photographer (Gary Gonzalez) located in the beautiful State of California

  4. NorCalBodz Feature's Today's Most Elite Male Fitness Models / Male Bodybuilders

  5. NorCalBodz Ranked America's Top (professionalism) Fitness Photography / Model Management

  6. Listen to Fitness Model Tory George speaking with the owner "Tim" from Underwear News Briefs: (copy and paste link)



You can read Gavin's review of NorCalBodz by clicking on the link below (or copy and paste):

Fitness Model Gavin Ford

From the beginning Gary made me feel welcomed and comfortable, which was great this being my first experience with an agency and taking pictures. After thoroughly explaining the contract and relationship between model and NorCalBodz we headed out to Dockweiler beach and did our first shots. Gary is great with his energy and encouraging comments and five minutes in I felt completely natural and comfortable in front of the camera. From there we headed to the hotel pool and had some fun shooting in the water and lounge areas. Again Gary had some great ideas to make me look the best possible and gave me the freedom to contribute some of my own ideas as well. We finished shooting some artistic shots in the hotel room which was what I was most anxious about but in the end had the most fun with. I never thought I'd be posing in semi-nude/artistic shots but with Gary's guidance and encouragement I was completely comfortable and was blown away with how he captured my physique. Overall my first day with NorCalBodz was a 10 out of 10 and I'm looking foward to working with them in the future.

Fitness Model Casey K.

I would like to thank you Gary for exceeding my expectations. Admittedly I was a little worried going into this at first. Your company and the way you ran the photo shoot was incredibly professional and I am so glad that I finally got to do something I’ve always wanted to my whole life. Even more so I am so honored to have started my journey into fitness modeling being represented by such a professional and genuine organization such as Norcalbodz. Gary thank you for today and I cannot wait to come out again for the next shoot.

Fitness Model Hunter K.

13th August 2011

Main Press Contact

Gary Gonzalez



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