Top 5 Food and Nutrition Trends for 2010 from The Nutrition Experts

As we start the New Year our team is sharing what we think are the upcoming Food and Nutrition Trends for 2010. We used our own internal company nutrition communications research and observations in addition to reflecting on what our clients are telling us about the changes they see in the marketplace.  Here are what we see as the Top 10 Food and Nutrition Trends.  Click here to see all our top 10 Nutrition Trends now or you can visit our website as we share where we think the nutrition marketplace will go in the next year.

Core Facts

  1. Trend #1 – Fresh Foods Made Extravagant – You may have noticed that the colorful produce section of your local supermarket as well as the Farmer’s markets are getting more foot traffic. Simple, colorful, fresh fruits and vegetables sell well and give the buyer a perception that they are eating more healthfully. We expect that consumers will be choosing more fresh fruits and vegetables, packaged salad mixes, and pre-cut produce , like apple slices and chopped onions to save time, money, and unwanted calories. Even though pre-packaged produce is often a more expensive option to fresh produce, many people will continue to valuing their time by choosing to spend a few more cents in order to have more time spent on other activities, like family time.

  2. Trend #3 – Everyday Eco-Living – Many people have been gradually making “living green” part of their life. This extends from recycling at home, work, and play to selecting more locally grown foods and goods. However, although many people desire foods grown or processed locally, when it comes to price, it has to be cost-effective for them. As we see a more people buying organic foods, we expect the price of organic goods to decrease which should help to increase the use of organic goods to grow in your local supermarkets.

  3. Trend #4 – Nutrition Labeling Symbols Standardized and Regulated – Nutrition transparency is needed for the general public to thoroughly understand what is in the nutrition products as well as the health value. The nutrition marketing in the supermarket has distorted some of the nutrition reality of the healthfulness of the food product. Along with standardization of the nutrition labeling symbols, it will take nutrition evangelists to spread the word about the true health value of the nutrition products. This is where NutriTalk, Inc. has been beneficial to clients who are trying to bridge to gap between nutrition marketing, nutrition education and nutrition regulation. We support consumers having proof of the nutrition quality of a products with clear nutrition facts on front-of-nutrition products.

  4. Trend #5 – Quality Calories – As the nation continues to expand its waistline, we believe that quality calories will be a focus of many consumers as they age, become more health –conscious and raise their families. That is why we think that quality calories be come the mantra of consumers. Although 100-calorie packages are a great convenience, many people would be better served by eating some fresh fruit, vegetables or nuts that will give them nutrients and not preservatives as they nosh on the foods. As this trends grows, we believe that consumers will begin to expect foods that pack a nutrients punch. A cereal or entree will have to soon be tweaked to have more nutrients that it’s competitor’s by using natural foods and spices. Sun-dried tomatoes and basil on your cereal anyone?


"As we start the New Year our team is sharing our Top Food and Nutrition Trends for 2010. We used our own internal company nutrition communications research in addition to reflecting on what our clients are telling us about the changes they see in the marketplace."

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4th November 2011

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