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Little Pink Books Give Hope to Cancer Patients

22nd Jun 2015

Maryann Makekau is dedicated to providing children and families in need a burst of hope and inspiration.


Renowned Author Shares How to Lower Blood Pressure, Naturally

22nd Nov 2014

Renowned author, writer and novelist, Ronald E. Hudkins, has recently released his latest educational book entitled, “Lower Your High Blood Pressure Naturally Without a Prescription.”


National Mental Health Month: Leading Radio Outlet, 'The Authors Show', Seeks Authors For Guest Interviews

7th May 2014

May is National Mental Health Month. The Authors Show, one of the highest ranked, most well known Internet radio media outlets in existence today, seeks authors of works related to mental health issues for author interviews


Horse Tales for the Soul Books Supporting our Veterans

11th Oct 2013

Whitehall Publishing donates 30% of books and audio book sales to national non-profit organization helping our Veterans and their families. 


Lack Of Resiliency Is The Cause Of School Violence Says Kasey Crawford Kellem, Author Of ‘Believe’

6th Aug 2013

Kasey Crawford Kellem, founder of Mind Over Matter Books, offers children’s books that teach children coping skills to deal with bullying, anxiety, depression, divorce and more


M. Sterling Publishing Announces the Release of Personal Breakthrough Kindle Edition

4th Feb 2013

M. Sterling Publishing, a publishing company from New York City announced the launch of their latest personal development e-book.


Storycub Helps Parents and Children Discover Great Picture Books For Free

5th Oct 2012

StoryCub, the e-learning, digital media source, creates unique audio/visual versions of children’s picture books.


The Learning World of Krystie and Thomas launches on Indiegogo

3rd Oct 2012

The Learning World of Krystie and Thomas bring money, character, safety and manners in a new, exciting way never seen before!


Tablet Brochure launch to change the face of mobile marketing

2nd Oct 2012

With the tablet market experiencing exponential growth since it’s inception only a few years ago, marketers have been looking for ways to take advantage of the growing tablet audience.

Tablet Brochure is a new, exciting brand bringing a previously unseen level of creativity and interactivity to brochures on tablet devices. 


Mrs Bloom responds to Samantha Brick

7th Jul 2012

Samantha Brick made comment on the popular 50 Shades of Grey trilogy - Margot Bloom feels that is un qualified to make these comments.



24th Jan 2012

Chicago Tribune Unveils Printers Row

New offering provides extended coverage, special access and other benefits for those seeking richer literary content

(CHICAGO - Jan. 24, 2012) - The Chicago Tribune today unveiled Printers Row, a new membership-driven literary offering for those seeking richer coverage of book reviews, authors, discussions and…


Joseph Badal, Author Of ‘The Nostradamus Secret’, Named As One Of ‘50 Great Writers You Should Be Reading’

14th Jan 2012

Badal was picked from a field of hundreds of authors who appeared on The Authors Show. His book, entitled ‘The Nostradamus Secret’, is an historical thriller that builds on Nostradamus’s ‘lost’ 58 quatrains and segues to the present day


FPFG Marketing Strategist Releases New Video - 'Top Ten Reasons Your Book Marketing Strategy Is Not Working'

11th Dec 2011

Top ranked marketing and publicity firm offers no charge audio and video focused on book marketing strategies


Flat World Knowledge CEO Shares Tales from the Digital Textbook Front Lines at Frankfurt Book Fair

5th Oct 2011

Jeff Shelstad, founder and CEO of Flat World Knowledge, the largest publisher of open college textbooks, will share his experiences in leading a start-up aimed at disrupting the $8 billion college textbook market, at the Frankfurt Book Fair, on October 12.


Entrevista a Fénix Hebrón, creador de

1st Jul 2011

- Fenix Hebrón nos desvela las claves de su última novela, “Resistencia”.

- Acción, misterio y tecnología extraordinaria vuelven a ser los ingredientes principales de una novela ya disponible como ebook a partir de hoy.

- Junto a la novela, el autor presenta varios anexos exclusivos, así como diseños de…



18th Mar 2011

A children’s charity has launched a new independent guide recommending story books which can help children to cope with difficult feelings or situations, such as bereavement, bullying or family break-up.