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Best Quality Yoga Mats and Yoga Equipments

5th Sep 2012

Yoga is a rage now, all sorts of yoga forms seem to have sprouted, from hot yoga, to fast yoga and power yoga.


A New Trend - Yoga Now Extends to Airports

4th Apr 2012

The airport was a place where you took a plane to go some place. However these days the airport seems to offer more than just a transit seat.


Yoga Wear On A Budget

2nd Apr 2012

If you don’t have a big budget for your yoga wear, don’t worry you can mix things around and be creative too. Good quality yoga wear does not have to be expensive. Really you can work with clothes you may have bought already.


Yoga Clothes For A Successful Workout

25th Feb 2012

For those new to Yoga practice, a Yoga for Beginners book could be ideal for getting started, while a handy Yoga bag could be perfect for anyone who fancies getting out and joining a Yoga class. So find your essentials today and get started off to your healthy New Year…


Anti Gravity Yoga - A New Trend

10th Feb 2012

 The craze was started off by the Broadway aerial choreographer Christopher Harrison in 1999 by hanging a silk hammock from the ceiling that could be used as a swing or trapeze. This was the inspiration toward more anti gravity exercise and this eventually found its way into the yoga market. 


Yoga clothing for women

9th Dec 2011

The demand for yoga clothes that exercise clothing is soaring as are yoga becomes even more popular day bay day. Everyone want both comfortable and stylish yoga wear for the studio.


Organic Body Care Products Is Growing in Popularity

10th Nov 2011

A healthy life equals eating organic, adopting healthy lifestyle habits and now added to that is using organic body care.